Philly Beer Week!!

I know I’m a little late with this post, but I wanted to make sure I posted something about this great event.

I was only able to make it out to 2 events (so far) but enjoyed them both.

First, Marissa & I checked out Teresa’s Next Door for the intro of Duvel Green. Great bar.. we will be back. They have an 11 page beer book! Sweet! Not so keen on the Green. I prefer regular Duvel.

Josh and I made it out to Local 44 this past Sunday as they were host of a history making event… they had 7 Russian River beers on tap all at once (for about 45 minutes at least, before the 1st beer kicked)! Let the record show that we were first to the bar, first in the bar, and served first! Heh! It was a fun time. It got super crowded by the time we left, and the best of the beers were gone. Pliny the Younger has a well deserved reputation, as do all the other Russian River beers. Hopefully, their beers will become easier to get in the coming months.

Out for now.

Cya on Saturday!

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