Beer Club 9

Invites have been sent! September 4th, 2011!

Title: 9th Beer Club Meet and Greet


1. Bring 1 case of beer (24-12oz. Bottles or cans – min cost of $25 per case) in a cooler with ice subject to exclusion and previously shared lists. (See exclusion and previously shared lists)
2. You must like the beer you bring (and be willing to take home any unopened bottles/cans, if any remain.) Please do not use the club as a first time taste of your beer.
3. Beer can be any flavor, any strength, from any brewery, (providing #2 is true) subject to exclusion and previously shared lists. (See exclusion and previously shared lists)
4. Please label your cooler with its original contents. Note that by the end of the night, it will most likely become a variety of different beers.
5. You can drink from any cooler you like, including your own, BUT…Before you open a bottle/can from someone else’s cooler, you must replace it with an unopened bottle/can from your cooler. (Unless it’s your own, obviously!) This has not happened at the beginning of the several meets, so…
6. You can drink as fast or as slow as you like. (Slow is preferable. The more you drink at the meeting, the less you will be able to take home.)
7. At the end of the night, we will allow a final 1-for-1 exchange of unopened bottles/cans, and you can take home whatever is left in your cooler.
*8. Bring your favorite vessel (mug, stein, pint, yard, mason jar, etc.)

The hosts will be providing burgers and dogs.

Guests (Limit of 2 adults per case of beer) are requested to please bring a snack food, a salad or a desert to share. Please let us know by replying to the invite.

Driving: Please do not drive drunk. If you “taste” too much and need to sleep it off, the host always has a place for you to lie down, no problem.
Start Time: 3:00 PM
Date: 2011-10-1

If you need directions, please use the following address that will lead you to the entrance of our development:

190 Hill Church Road, Spring City, PA 19475

Once you turn into our development, that puts you onto Cloverhill, then make a right onto Fieldview Dr. We are right up the street @ 88 Fieldview.


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